The Widow Tree Reviews 


“…a care­fully crafted story that lay­ers sus­pense and suc­ceeds in ren­der­ing each betrayal, small or large, as a painful shock…As a writer, Lun­dri­gan is sleek and spare with the gift of ren­der­ing small details in vivid strokes that leave them lin­ger­ing long after we have turned the page…“
Laura Eggert­son
Toronto Star


“ emo­tion­ally intense study of strained rela­tion­ships, but this time [Lun­dri­gan has] embed­ded the mys­ter­ies of the human heart in a solid mys­tery.”
The Evening Telegram

“Hor­ri­fy­ing but fas­ci­nat­ing, the story is enthralling.”
Pub­lish­ers Weekly

“… for its bru­tal genius.”
Toronto Pub­lic Libraries, Staff Pick, Decem­ber 2013

“Most Antic­i­pated Books of Fall 2013″
Quill & Quire

“Where Lun­dri­gan suc­ceeds, where she’s always suc­ceeded in fact, is in her abil­ity to craft rich, absorb­ing, affect­ing char­ac­ters so vivid that they appear to live and breathe in a time and space all of their own.”
Aaron West­er­man
Typo­graph­i­cal Era


“Lun­dri­gan tack­les the ter­rain of 1950s Yugoslavia with such a grace­ful con­fi­dence and inti­mate knowl­edge of her sub­ject, you will be trans­ported. Deftly thread­ing its metaphors like a suture on the body politic of this for­mer nation, this is one of the most sur­pris­ing and impor­tant works of lit­er­ary fic­tion this year.”
Whit­ney Moran
The Coast


“Lundrigan’s incan­ta­tion of a Balkan vil­lage rubbed raw by his­tory is sen­sual and pow­er­ful, a coming-of-age story set in a world that eats its young.”
Peter Behrens
Author of The Law of Dreams


“The Widow Tree is a dense book — the prose thickly woven with metaphor, immensely detailed and often poetic… This time around, Lun­dri­gan, a Newfie-Lit dar­ling, con­vinc­ingly ani­mates a 1950s Yugosla­vian vil­lage, pop­u­lat­ing it with a cast of char­ac­ters who know their way around intrigue, both polit­i­cal and per­sonal: a father mys­te­ri­ously killed, a dis­cov­ered horde of Roman coins, and love tri­an­gles past and present. …Lun­dri­gan ulti­mately rewards the per­se­ver­ing with an absorb­ing, beau­ti­ful read.“
Elle Mag­a­zine

“The reader fol­lows the dis­sec­tion of these lives with a kind of fas­ci­nated horror—there is lit­tle com­fort to be found—but the telling is so intense and the writ­ing so com­pelling there can be no ques­tion of set­ting it aside before the end.”
Mar­garet Thomp­son
The Coastal Spectator


“The Widow Tree is a richly ren­dered lit­er­ary mys­tery with well-wrought characters…As always with Nicole’s work, this is an emo­tion­ally intense study of strained rela­tion­ships, but this time she’s embed­ded the mys­ter­ies of the human heart in a solid mys­tery of a story. One that’s about ‘fatal plans and silent betray­als.’ It’s a fab­u­lous fifth novel by a Cana­dian author more peo­ple ought to be read­ing.“
Chad Pel­ley
Salty Ink


“…strongly plot­ted novel…The Widow Tree deftly dra­ma­tizes the ways fam­ily tragedies play out against the larger back­drop of national and eth­nic inter­ests.“
Can­dace Fer­tile
Quill & Quire