Hideaway Reviews

“Authentic, disturbing and unbearably tense, Hideaway will leave you reeling.”

—Shari Lapena, internationally-bestselling author of The Couple Next Door and A Stranger in the House

“One of the country’s most under-appreciated novelists… [Lundrigan] has a knack for these psychologically thrilling situations and is especially skilled at getting inside the hearts and minds of kids.”

-Susan Cole, Now Magazine (The 14 best books to read in summer 2019)

"There are few better at writing familial claustrophobia than Nicole Lundrigan, and in Hideaway she uses it to drive the suspense in a thriller about the idea of home, its comforts and entrapments."

—Andrew Pyper, bestselling author of The Homecoming and The Demonologist


"Lundrigan is a fearless writer, and has created an unforgettable, psychologically complex, smart, dark story in Hideaway. Questioning ideas of safety, truth, and responsibility, it's a bone-chilling tale that goes places you'll never expect - your heart will be racing by the final, shocking climax and you'll never stop cheering for the irresistible child heroes Rowan and Maisy, even in the darkest moments."

—Grace O’Connell, author of Be Ready for the Lightning


"In elegant, stylish prose, Lundrigan captures the bewilderment of childhood when it’s set against the backdrop of how awful adults can be. If ever there was a book that will hook you with hatred and love, Hideaway is it. With a great, tense finish, you’ll be desperate for the right characters to win. I loved Maisy as much as I do Scout Finch, and that’s saying something."

—Roz Nay, internationally-bestselling author of Our Little Secret


"Haunting, harrowing, and beautifully written, Hideaway splendidly showcases the unique talents of Nicole Lundrigan."

—Ian Hamilton, bestselling author of the Ava Lee series