The Substitute - Update

After spending a couple of years working hard to create this novel, it's rewarding to see the progression toward publication. It is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and included in my list of books on goodreads. The title has changed from 'Button Button' to 'The Substitute', and it even has a blurb! Lots of work still to go (heavy into editing now), but the June release date will be here before I know it.


Warren Botts is a disillusioned Ph.D., taking a break from his lab to teach middle-school science. Gentle, soft-spoken, and lonely, he innocently befriends Amanda, one of his students. But one morning, Amanda is found dead in his backyard, and Warren, shocked, flees the scene.

As the small community slowly turns against him, an anonymous narrator, a person of extreme intelligence and emotional detachment, offers insight into events past and present. As the tension builds, we gain an intimate understanding of the power of secrets, illusions, and memories.

Nicole Lundrigan uses her prodigious talent to deliciously creepy effect, producing a finely crafted page-turner and a chilling look into the mind of a psychopath.