Full Steam Ahead!

I have super exciting news. As I mentioned in a previous post, the new D&M (under the wing of Harbour Publishing) will be blowing life into my latest book. And... (drumroll!)... We have a Canadian publication date! My fifth novel, The Widow Tree, will be hitting shelves on September 7th, 2013. The schedule will be crazy hectic, but I am so delighted. I cannot wait to share the story of Gitta and Dorján – two characters that have given me insomnia, made me rant and rave and weep, and finally, offered me a moment of profound hopefulness. The root of this novel is based on a true story. Please send me all your positive energy as The Widow Tree gets shined, plucked, primped, and ready for the world.

Here is my attempt at a blurb:

Fall, 1953, three teenagers find a clutch of long-lost Roman coins while clearing vegetables from a government field. The decision to keep the coins instead of turning them over soon turns disastrous when one of them disappears. The remaining two are left to question everything they believed to be true, while the mother of the missing boy slowly unravels. This is a story of fatal plans and silent betrayals in a tightly knit village just north of Belgrade. Here the postwar air is simultaneously flushed with hope, weighted with suspicion, and rife with orphaned words no one wants to claim.