Big News!

I’m so excited to share the news with everyone: Douglas & McIntyre has acquired world English-language rights to my fifth novel (still untitled). I haven’t finished writing it yet, though it’s slowly rounding the bend towards completion. Having my publisher believe in me to such a degree means so much, and I’m honestly astounded by it. I will be working extra hard to finish this book by spring. Sleep, you are officially on hold. As you can see from my blurb below, the setting is quite different from my previous novels. My wing muscles are aching just a bit. The seed for this story came from my father-in-law who was born in former Yugoslavia, and moved to Canada in 1974. He is always eager to share his history, and I’m always eager to listen. More on that later…

For now, here’s a teaser:

Fall, 1953, three teenagers find a clutch of long-lost Roman coins while clearing vegetables from a government field. The decision to keep the coins instead of turning them over soon turns disastrous when one of them disappears. The remaining two are left to question everything they believed to be true, while the mother of the missing boy slowly unravels. This is a story of fatal plans and silent betrayals in a tightly knit village just north of Belgrade. Here the postwar air is simultaneously flushed with hope, weighted with suspicion, and rife with orphaned words no one wants to claim.

And here’s the link from Q&Q: