Quill and Quire Review

Glass Boys received a raving review (both featured and starred) in the July/August issue of Quill & Quire. The reviewer really connected to the novel, and had wonderful things to say. "Nicole Lundrigan has been teetering on the cusp of ‘next big thing’ status since her debut, Unraveling Arva, was tagged as a top-10 pick for 2004 in The Globe and Mail… There is a very good chance that her latest effort, Glass Boys, will finally catapult Lundrigan into the spotlight… The momentum is so strong that a reader is compelled to reread passages to revel in the prose. Her writing is so enthralling, and the story so full of suspense and interest, that there is a temptation to allow the pages to fly by when they really should be savoured…"

"Comparisons to other Newfoundland authors are inevitable, and while Lundrigan’s writing draws on themes of hardship, difficult family relationships, and abuse that will be familiar to readers of Michael Winter and Lisa Moore, her voice is strong enough to stand on its own. Perhaps, with her latest effort, she will finally earn the right to have up-and-comers compared to her."

If you want to take a look at the entire review, you’ll find it here:

Quill & Quire Review